A Christ-Centered Education

Academic rigor is central to what we do at SJS. We want every student to reach their full potential. To achieve this we employee high quality teachers who average 15 years in the classroom. We believe in differentiating our instruction so all student needs are met. We integrate technology when possible. And we believe in the value of small and cooperative grouping. This has led to our students achieving high marks on standardized tests and yearly high school scholarship winners.


  • Experienced and dedicated teachers
  • Modern academic curriculum that is faith based
  • All day pre-kindergarten & All day kindergarten
  • 3 and 4 year old preschool program
  • Junior High departmentalization
  • School counselor on staff
  • Thorough high school preparation
  • Student Services and resource help available
  • Before and after school care program

  • Specials Classes


    Technology class provides all students in Prekindergarten-8th Grade with opportunities to explore and use a variety of technology and coding activities in a responsible manner!


    The Spanish Language Program is offered to students in Prekindergarten through 8th grade. Students develop a foundation of the language as well as an understanding of the culture and traditions of Spanish-speaking countries.


    Dedicated Art class is offered to students in grades 1 through 8th. This program provides education in art history, methodology and production. Emphasis is placed on self-expression and the development of an appreciation of the student’s own work.


    Music education provides opportunities for students in grades Prekindergarten-8th to perform, create, respond and connect to music. Students learn basic music theory, sing and play instruments, perform in grade level programs, and discover the connection of music to other disciplines.

    Physical Education

    Students in Prekindergarten through 8th grade participate in a wide range of physical activities that are fun, encourage teamwork and coordination, and teach about practicing a healthy lifestyle.


    The goal is to instill a love of reading by introducing them to books in all genres (both fiction and nonfiction) so they can cultivate their individual interests. Students are also given the necessary skills and tools to search and locate books using our database.

    Genius Hour

    Genius hour allows students in 3rd and 4th grade to develop a passion project. It encourages creativity and provides students the opportunity to explore their own unique interests.


    Guidance education is the process of directing and educating students to be the best version of themselves. Guidance education is offered to students through classroom, group and individual interventions. These lessons focus on academics, personal/social and career education.

    Technology at SJS

    Technology is an integral part of the educational experience at SJS. Teachers work to incorporate technology in meaningful ways that enhance the curriculum. We have two dedicated computer labs and multiple mobile labs, consisting of iPads and Chromebooks, that help our students succeed and prepare them for the future.

    Extracurricular Activities

    At SJS there are a variety of clubs and teams for students to become involved in. These extracurriulars provide meaningful experiences outside the regular classroom that allow students to pursue and explore different interests.

    Science Olympiad, Engineering Club, Book Bowl, Wits Clash, Yearbook, Liturgy Leaders, Math Counts, Bible Bowl, Student Senate, Craft Club.