October 18th Letter from Mr. Kelly

Feast of Saint Luke

Dear Saint James/Seton Catholic School Community,

We recently had a safety check of the gym equipment.  It turned up several items that were in need of repair or update.  All of which came with a significant price of course.  We want to thank the SJS Athletic Association for generously agreeing to pay for these needed repairs.  This generosity is a benefit to the school financially, and also makes our gym a better and safer place.  The Catholic values of generosity and concern for others is certainly on display with our Athletic Association, and what a great example for our students.  Thanks so much.

We are looking forward to Parent/Teacher Conferences this upcoming week.  This is an opportunity to look at the first quarter and make plans for the second.  You can expect from our staff a professional and polite conference, one that is focused on student achievement.  We strive to be positive and respectful in all our interactions.  We would like to expect from parents an equally respectful demeanor.  Our teachers work tirelessly for the benefit of the students and are genuinely concerned about each student.  We expect our parents to value that hard work, show appreciation , and a respectful attitude.  With the great parents we have at SJS I’m sure this will not be an issue, this is just a simple reminder to help our conferences go smoothly.

We reviewed the Ten Commandments in the first quarter of school with all the students.  And now we are moving on to The Beatitudes.  These are the teachings Jesus gave us on The Sermon on the Mount as a way to be truly happy.  Here is a link that may help you review The Beatitudes at home –


There is some interesting research that points to the importance of sleep for children.  Some say sleep is as important as food, drink, and safety for the development of children.  The recommended amount of sleep for school age children is 9-11 hours.  Sleep can improve attention spans, promote growth, boost immunity, and improve learning.  In our ever busy world it could be worthwhile to look at the sleeping habits of your student and see if adjustments need to be made.

There is excitement building for our SOAR Dinner next month.   We have new items dropped off daily for the silent auction and the live auction looks great.  Come on and be part of the fun!  You can buy your tickets now at- bidpal.net/soar2019 or stop in the office.  And if you are interested in sponsorship or even helping at the event give us a call.  You will have a fun time at SOAR, and also provide your student with an example that Catholics do what they can to help their school and parish.  And you can help our staff take part in the raffle incentive, “The Wheel of Misfortune.”  Already a group of 15 teachers have volunteered.  A wheel will spin and whatever option it lands on that is what will be dumped on that group of  teachers.  Here is the list of what could go on the teachers (subject to availability): flour, ketchup and mustard, shaving cream, slime, cake batter, and pumpkin guts.  Great fun- for the students.  Thanks for your continued support.


William Kelly