November 22nd Letter from Mr. Kelly

Memorial of Saint Cecilia

Dear SJS Catholic School Community,

With Thanksgiving approaching quickly we certainly have much to be thankful for here at SJS.  We are blessed with outstanding students.  We have dedicated teachers and staff who care deeply for the students.  We have supportive parents and parishioners who are interested in the success of SJS and Catholic education.  And, we have parish priests who are active and involved, and committed to our school.  Thank you for all that you do for SJS.  Catholic education is an expense and a sacrifice, and we are appreciative of your continued support.  The future is bright indeed at SJS!

Second semester is quickly approaching.  We need your help in spreading the word about our great school.  School growth is necessary and vital for our success.  We had an increase in the number of new students the past few years largely due to parent referrals.  If you have a bulletin board or electronic bulletin board at your workplace, and could place an advertisement for SJS, please contact the office.  Please also contact the office if you know of a family we should invite to recruitment events.

I read an article that stated we live in a culture that values fast results.  The article stated that when it comes to what should be most important to us, recognizing Jesus, we cannot expect quick results.  Learning to recognize Jesus in the many ways he comes to us requires patient waiting that can open our eyes to new possibilities.  Let’s pray as we move into the fall and winter that our school community is full of those working to recognize Jesus.

Thanks to everyone who has worked to make this year’s SOAR the best one yet.  We have the largest crowd ever coming on Saturday!  An event like this is a huge undertaking, and we have had so many parents, friends, and staff volunteer or donate.  So a sincere “thank you” to all involved.  It is sure to be a successful night of fun, fellowship, and community building.



William Kelly