May 8 Letter from Mr. Kelly

Dear St. James/Seton Catholic School Community,

We posted a lovely May Crowning ceremony this week. We crowned Mary the Queen of our Church and our lives. Thanks to our 8th grade and 2nd grade teachers for their help with the ceremony. What an awesome gift God has given is in the example and  intercession that Mary provides. Perhaps May can provide an opportunity for your family to learn more about Mary and pray more often for her heavenly help. Here is a link about the rosary that may help-

Each year we are asked by the Rotary Club of Omaha to select students to be inducted into the Rotary Honor Roll. The students have to illustrate leadership, character, scholarship, and presence. They must be respectful, willing to help others, and take their studies seriously.  They have to be committed to the Rotary slogan of, “service before self.” Our Rotary Honor Roll students for 2019-20 are: Ellie Rief and Brianna Sedlak. These students not only met all the criteria, but are great representatives of our school and Catholic faith. Congratulations to Ellie and Brianna and their parents.

Omaha Gives is a one-day online fundraising event that works to raise money for nonprofits in the Omaha area. This community wide event is held on May 20th.  You can schedule a gift now through May 20th or wait and join the fun on the 20th. This year we are hoping to raise enough donations to help purchase additional STEM resources and technology that teachers can use to enhance the curriculum. Please spread the word to help us achieve this goal.

This time of year there is sometimes movement of teachers and staff as they pursue other opportunities or retire. We want to congratulate and thank these fine SJS staff members for their service to SJS School. Hannah Kessenich, Brett LaBudda, Anne Gregory, and Terri Tessmer.    At the end of any career or school year the highest compliment that can be given is that one made a difference and that their role somehow made a community a better place and they will be remembered. This compliment clearly can be given to these fine teachers/para/nurse. They have impacted the lives of students and helped to shape the future of our Church and community. They displayed great effort and commitment. We hope they will not be strangers at SJS, and will always be welcome at SJS. If any have impacted you directly please feel free to send them a note or email.

You should have received an email about textbook drop off and pick up.  Read that over please, and if you have any questions just let us know. Thanks for all you do.



William Kelly