March 23 Email from Mr. Kelly

Dear SJS Catholic School Community,

We made it through one week! Thank you to all of our parents for the extra time and effort you are putting into your student’s education these days. I know that teacher is not a role you signed up for, and am impressed with all our parents are doing to help the learning continue. And, a special thanks to our teachers who are being creative in their lesson planning and preparation. This is nothing we were expecting as a staff, and I have been impressed with all the ways our teachers are working to connect with the students. So, as we do with all things at SJS, we will make the best of this, we will keep the students at the center of all we do, and we will continue to make progress.

A few items to consider:

-It is our intention to hold the special events and ceremonies we would normally have this time of year– music programs, Music Bingo, Nest Fest, graduation, the Sacraments, etc. But, it’s hard to know when all of this will end. So, as soon as we have a plan in place we will let you know. We haven’t forgotten about the value of all of these events, we know they are important, and will work to make sure they still occur.
-You will be receiving emails from our teachers about future lessons and assignments. Thanks for your help. If you ever have any questions about a lesson or assignment please reach out to our teachers. They are ready and willing to help. Keeping parents informed and included is one of our goals through all of this.
-You can find online giving options for the parishes on their websites. Parish bulletins can also be found there.
-3rd quarter report cards can be found on Sycamore.

And, if you are experiencing food issues feel free to contact the office who may be able to direct you to additional resources.
-Please check your email often for information from our teachers. We apologize if it ever becomes a bit much. We would rather over communicate than have anyone confused.

And, don’t forget to check out the school’s Facebook page which continues to be updated.

There is also a listing of resources for parents on the school website,

-Voting for the Omaha Choice Awards started yesterday. You can follow this link and choose the education section to vote for SJS.

We sure miss the kids at SJS. We are teachers, we enjoy helping students progress and learn, it’s what we do. So we are all eager for school to return to normal.

I encourage additional prayers for the intercession of St. Joseph and Mary during these challenging times.
Thank you for all you do.God Bless and stay safe.

William Kelly