9 October Letter from Mr. Kelly

Dear SJS Catholic School Community,

We now move into the month of October!  Way to go, SJS!  I was told so often in July and August that we wouldn’t be able to stay open for more than a week or a month.  And here we are, all due to the efforts of our teachers/staff, students, and parents.  Thank you for your continued support and efforts as we advance through this unusual school year.  This year has been a challenge in many ways, and I really can’t say enough about the efforts of our teachers and staff.  We wouldn’t have the success we are without their hard work and flexibility.  So, thank you to our SJS staff.  And, let’s keep our effort high to protect our students and keep school open.  Perhaps the most important part in keeping school open and safe is what our families do over the weekend and in the evening.  I encourage you to make mask wearing and social distancing a typical part of your routines.

Perhaps you are looking for a way to show your gratitude to SJS for all the hard work our teachers have shown this year.  I encourage you then to consider supporting our revamped SOAR Dinner.  We have a takeout dinner this year, served in our school gym.  And raffle sales and an online auction.  Come on and be part of the fun on November 21st.  The SOAR Dinner is our most important fundraiser for the school.  Its success helps to keep costs low and allows the school to purchase new supplies.  If your student has enjoyed a chromebook, ipad, the cafeteria tables, or new texts, they have SOAR to thank at least in part.  So your support makes a difference.  You can buy your dinner tickets now at-  https://one.bidpal.net/sjssoar2020 .

We are also in need of donations of auction items and gift cards by October 31st.  And if you are interested in sponsorship or even helping at the event contact the school office.  You will enjoy a delicious takeout meal (even for the picky eater in the family) at SOAR, and provide your student with an example that Catholics do what they can to help their school and parish.

We know that working together home and school can make great progress for students.  To continue the home and school partnership, Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held on October 29th.  Conferences will begin at 11:30 and will end at 7:00 and all conference will be signed up for online.  There will be no school on the 30th.  And, don’t forget that parents have access to grades online 24/7 through Sycamore.  To avoid large crowds we ask parents to only sign up for the homeroom teacher.  That teacher will have the important notes and information from the other classroom teachers.  Specials teachers will be available as well.

I also wanted to comment on our school uniform policy.  The uniform policy is a tool to make our school look consistent and respectful, and help alleviate social issues.  Thank you for your parental support and involvement.   Reminders: socks are to be visible, hair out of the eyes, belts in 5-8, and skirts no shorter than 3 inches from the knee.  All uniform items are to be purchased at a uniform store or uniform section of a department store.  It’s wise to check the Dennis Uniform website before making a purchase to see if it falls in line with our uniform policy.  A uniform policy silently teaches the lesson of equality while allowing individuality to shine through via words, actions, and personality.

October is a special month in the Catholic Church to remember the Rosary.  You might use this month as an opportunity to think about how to make this powerful Catholic tradition a meaningful part of your family’s faith life.  Here is a resource that may be of some help-http://www.rosary-center.org/howto.htm#loaded

As the year continues I wanted to encourage parents to supervise and have strict rules for students as they work on the computer.  The Internet can be a powerful tool, but can also be a danger for kids.  Parents should know when their child is on the computer and should be aware of the activities and programs that are carried out.  Experts recommend blocking software, and that students do not have access to the Internet in their rooms.  Also recommended is that the computer be kept in a highly visible place.  High expectations and close supervision can help keep kids out of danger.  Thanks for all you do.


William Kelly