9 September Letter from Mr. Kelly

Memorial of St. Peter Claver, Priest

Dear SJS School Community,

We are continuing to make good progress at SJS in spite of the challenges that COVID presents.  We will continue to notify you if there is a positive case in the homeroom, but really you should be continually monitoring for symptoms.  And a big part of our success during these COVID times has been keeping sick kids, or possibly sick kids, out of school.  We’ve had lots of parents say that they are just being careful and keeping their kids out of school for a day to see how things progress.  Or that they are consulting a pediatrician. So, we know that is a challenge and we appreciate your dedication.  Here again are the common symptoms for COVID-19- https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/symptoms-testing/symptoms.html

And, just a reminder, if the student has a positive test result, you can contact the office for the timeline for return. If someone in the household is positive, but your student displays no symptoms, they can come to school but you should closely monitor, and the student should also wear a mask.  Thanks for your continued support.

The middle of the quarter is next Friday.  So, this gives you a chance to visit with your student about progress and you can make goals for the rest of the quarter.  If ever any issues arise in class, it’s always best to consult the teacher first.  They have the first-hand knowledge about what is going on in the class to address your concerns.  And, we are planning on in person Parent/Teacher Conferences in October.  As it gets closer you will once again get an email link to sign up.  Every parent can plan to attend conferences on October 27th.

Tuesday the 20th is School Picture Day.  This is a dress up opportunity for our students.  It is not a spirit or “dress down” day.  We want to present a respectful and positive image for our school pictures.  We encourage students to dress as they would for a special church event.  And you will notice that the 23rd is a no school day due to School of Faith.  For those of you new to SJS, School of Faith is a series of religious presentations for our staff designed to deepen their understanding of Catholicism.

You may have noticed staff in jeans and spirit attire on Fridays.  This is due to a tradition we have at SJS in which teachers can make a donation for Fridays, and then that money is used to support student tuition scholarships.  So, teachers get to enjoy the freedom of a jeans day, but it is for a great cause.

I also wanted to comment on our school uniform policy.  The uniform policy is a tool to make our school look consistent and respectful, and help alleviate social issues.  Thank you for your parental support and involvement.   Reminders: socks are to be visible, hair out of the eyes, belts in 5-8, and skirts no shorter than 3 inches from the knee.  All uniform items are to be purchased at a uniform store or uniform section of a department store.  It’s wise to check the Dennis Uniform website before making a purchase to see if it falls in line with our uniform policy.  A uniform policy silently teaches the lesson of equality while allowing individuality to shine through via words, actions, and personality.  Thanks for all you do.

William Kelly