7 October Virtual Backpack

SOAR Raffle tickets sales have begun! The tickets are a great way to advertise our event, generate extra funds, and provide a chance to win great prizes. We ask each family to sell two booklets and if you need more please contact the office. For your convenience, you can also Venmo us: @SJS-Donations or purchase tickets on the SOAR website and we will fill out the tickets for you!

Dinner tickets for the event are also available as well. The first group to purchase a table of 10 will be first through the buffet line after our sponsors’ tables! Please note that you can request seating arrangements in the special requests area when you purchase your tickets on the website. Please purchase your tickets by November 10th.

Selling raffle tickets is one way you can help our SOAR event to be a success.
You can also:

  • Donate gift cards of any amount.
  • Contribute a silent or live auction item. See Amazon Wishlist ideas!
  • Make a donation of any amount to the giving meter.
  • Sponsor or purchase advertising options to promote your business.
  • Considering volunteering to help the event!
  • Be on the lookout for more raffle opportunities to come!

Everyone can get involved and join in the fun whether or not they attend the event! Be sure to share the SOAR website and raffle opportunities with family and friends.

If you would like to contribute to SOAR in some way or have questions, please contact the school office or e-mail thoward@sjsomaha.org. You can also forward any donations to the office marked “SOAR.” The deadline for auction items is November 1st. For more details about the event, please check out: bidpal.net/soar2022.

Thanks ~ A special thanks to Mr. Greg Mikuls who has been our guest teacher in junior high this quarter.  We really appreciate his time and efforts and helping our year to get off to a great start for 7th and 8th grade.

It can be a challenge to fill in at the start of the year, and Mr. Mikuls made the transition very smooth.  Thanks and God Bless your work, Mr. Mikuls.

Specials News
Student Services ~This week I am focusing on word recognition with my students. We will be doing lots of activities to practice how fast we can read the word aloud. Some of the activities being used are as follows; flashcards, word connect cards, and smart board games!
Mr. Brycen Nelson

Art ~ Each art class is busy finishing up their first major project. We are getting to know historical and current artists from all around the world, and students are exploring a variety of materials, like painting, sculpture, weaving, and printmaking. Get ready for some fabulous artworks coming home soon!
Miss Anna Capoun

From the Library… We’re off to a great start!  As of this writing, we have checked out 3,589 books so far this year!  One of the best things about SJS (to me, anyway) is how much our students love to read.

We’ve spent the first quarter reviewing library procedures and skills, as well as finding books that are both comfortable reads and interesting.  We’ve also reviewed reading strategies that will help us become better readers.

I’d like to talk about something the Library offers that many may not know about because COVID put it on hold for a couple of years:  The Birthday Book Club.

The Birthday Book Club works like this:

  • In the month of your child’s birthday (or any month for that matter) you may send $5.00 to the Library.
  • Your child will choose a book from our selection of “birthday books”.
  • In the month of your child’s birthday (or any month for that matter) you may send $5.00 to the Library.
  • Your child will choose a book from our selection of “birthday books”.
  • I will place a nameplate in the book with your child’s name and birthday.
  • Your child will be the first to check the book out, have it as an additional book to the number normally allowed, and get to keep it for one additional week.
  • When they return the book, others will be able to enjoy it.
  • Remember, your child does not keep the book.  The money donated is combined with other Birthday Book money to buy more books for the Library.
  • This is totally optional and open to all students.

Please contact me with questions – dvamosi@sjsomaha.org.

Thank you for your support of our Library!  Be sure to read the article about our upcoming Book Fair.

Mrs. Vamosi

SJS Craft Fair  will be held at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton on November 5th from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.  Check out iVolunteer at for ways to volunteer.

Scholastic Fall Book Fair is just around the corner! It will run from October 21 – 27th. We’ll be open before and after school (7:40 – 8:00 & 3:15 – 4:00) and during Parent/Teacher Conferences on October 27th (1:00 – 8:00).

I am in need of volunteers to make this Book Fair as successful as those in years past. I can’t do it without your help. Last spring’s fair was the best ever! I’m hoping for a repeat. Thank you in advance for whatever support you can give this event.

Please go to iVolunteer to sign up for a time that is convenient for you. All hours count toward required parent participation. I am in need of both adult and student volunteers (7th & 8th graders only, please!). Students will also receive volunteer hours.

A few things to note:

  • Tax will be charged on all sales this year.  Please remember to add 7% for tax when sending money with your child to purchase books, posters, or novelties.
  • We also have to pay a fuel surcharge from our profits for delivery and pickup of our fair this fall.  Fairs totaling under $4,500 (excluding tax) will be charged $80; those totaling $3,500 or more (excluding tax) will be charged $150.  We typically sell between $5,000 and $6,000 during our fall fair, so we’ll be at the higher end.
  • Many of you have used eWallet in the past.  I encourage all families to sign up for this.  It’s a very easy way for your child to purchase books without bringing money to school.  Any unused funds go into a gift card you may use at scholastic.com or save for the spring book fair.  For information on this or anything related to the book fair, simply log on to bookfairs.scholastic.com  Go to the “Find a Fair” tab and look for SJS (it’s probably easiest to search using your zip code – 68134).  Everything you will need to know is within that page.  You can sign up for eWallet from there and also learn how to transfer balances from last year (if you have one).  You should be able to access our homepage at this time.

Once again, thank you for your help and support. If you have any questions, please email me at dvamosi@sjsomaha.org.

Mrs. Vamosi

Home and School News

SaveARound Coupon Book Fundraiser – Thanks to all who participated in this fundraiser! Please return all unsold books to school on Monday, October 10; since we are charged for outstanding books, your timeliness is much appreciated.

Earn Parent Volunteer Hours – Donate a food item or monetary amount towards a staff meal at Parent/Teacher Conferences in October. See what’s needed at  Parent/Teacher Conference 2022

October Menu

iVolunteer  There are many areas that could use your talents.  Check out iVolunteer to get signed up to complete those volunteer hours.  Here are a few opportunities!

Cafeteria Helper https://stjamesseton.ivolunteer.com/cafehelp_2023
Cafeteria Laundry https://stjamesseton.ivolunteer.com/towels_2018
SOAR https://stjamesseton.ivolunteer.com/event_266

St. James/Seton School KidsCare is seeking after school caregivers who is available to work from 3 to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday when school is in session.

Uniform Reminder:
Uniform jumpers, plaid skorts, plaid skirts, and navy skorts are supplied by all uniform companies. All are to be no more than 3 inches from the top of the kneecap. Rolled waistbands are not allowed.

These articles can be worn as follows:
Grades K-6: Uniform jumper, plaid or navy uniform skort, or uniform skirt
Grades 7-8: Uniform plaid or navy skort or uniform skirt

All uniform items are to be purchased at a uniform store or uniform section of a department store. It’s wise to check the Dennis Uniform website before making a purchase to see if it falls in line with our uniform policy. You can also visit Digiorgio’s website for additional uniform pieces. The skort should only have a single flap in front and a single flap in the back. Styles and colors of skorts purchased elsewhere will not be permitted. Thanks for your help following the uniform policy.

Community Volunteer Opportunity If interested in helping with a 5K at Skutt Catholic High School to benefit ALS in the Heartland contact Tammy@ALSintheheartland.org.
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