7 May Letter from Mr. Kelly

Friday of the Fifth Week of Easter

St. James/Seton Catholic School Community,

It is the end of an era at SJS.  This school year marks the end of the teaching careers for Tim Potter and Julie Hartman as they move into retirement after 44 and 29 years of service to SJS.  While I am excited for this next chapter for Mr. Potter and Mrs. Hartman, they do indeed leave big shoes to fill.  When one thinks of an SJS teacher, one thinks of a dedicated professional, who is committed to helping each student to be a success.  All done with kindness, patience, and dedication.  Mrs. Hartman and Mr. Potter are those traits personified.  Jesus told his disciples to go forth and change the world, to make more disciples.  Tim and Julie did just that.  They taught thousands of kids who then went out and changed the world.  Like a rock in water when the ripples spread out and go on seemingly forever, their dedication to Catholic education will go on for years and be felt by generations.  We wish them nothing but the best in retirement.  If you have not had the chance to write them a note of congratulations, please feel free to do so and return to the office by Monday.

We also want to thank these staff members who are transitioning into other opportunities: Nicole Beran, Jennifer Kennedy, Ariel Cunningham, Anna Clark (preK), and Joyce Pfeifer.  It is exciting for these staff members, but can be sad for us who know of their selfless devotion.  We want to congratulate and thank them for their service to SJS.  There is great dedication in this group, and they will indeed be missed.  At the end of any career or school year the highest compliment that can be given is that one made a difference and that their role somehow made a community a better place and they will be remembered.  This compliment clearly can be given to these staff members.  They have impacted the lives of countless students and helped to shape the future of our school and Church.  They displayed great effort, faith and dedication.  We hope they will not be strangers at SJS, and will always be welcome at our school.  If any have impacted you directly please feel free to send a note of thanks and congratulations.

We’re excited to announce that in place of Omaha Gives we are participating in Joy of Giving Day on May 19, 2021!  Joy of Giving is a 24-hour period of giving to benefit the schools, parishes, ministries and organizations of the Archdiocese of Omaha.  Your generous support of St. James/Seton Catholic School during this new event can make a meaningful difference on our students and staff.  Your gift during this event will help us to raise funds for tuition assistance, new textbooks, math manipulatives, leveled library additions, art supplies, and items for our STEM program.  Be on the lookout for a link to our website where you can make a direct donation.  Please consider joining in our efforts to make this a fantastic day of Catholic giving in our community.

It can be difficult to keep students focused at the end of the year.  The warmer days with more sunlight, and summer planning, are certainly welcome, but can be a distraction.  We ask for your help in keeping your student’s focus on school and schoolwork for just a little longer.  Our teachers will teach until the end, will review and cover new information, so student effort and focus is vital.  We appreciate your parental help and support.  And, don’t forget the Math expectation- students are to have addition and subtraction mastered by the end of 2nd grade, and multiplication and division mastered by the end of 4th grade.

Our plan next year is to return to how we have historically run things at SJS.  So, we will be in communication with health and education experts and follow their advice for the start of 2021-2022.  We will proceed with a return to normal in mind, but this year has shown if need be, we can be flexible and we will find a way to make the school effective and safe.


William Kelly