6 May Letter from Mr. Kelly

Friday of the Third Week of Easter

Dear SJS Catholic School Community,

Each year we are asked by the Rotary Club of Omaha to select students to be inducted into the Rotary Honor Roll.  The students have to illustrate leadership, character, scholarship, and presence.  They must be respectful, willing to help others, and take their studies seriously.  They have to be committed to the Rotary slogan of, “service before self.”  Our Rotary Honor Roll students for 2021-2022 are- Sara Briganti, Hayden Blaney, and Kiana Kaldenberg.  These students not only met all the criteria, but are great representatives of our school and Catholic faith.  Congratulations to Sara, Hayden, Kiana, and their parents.

It is the end of an era at SJS.  This school year marks the end of the teaching careers for Patti Getz and Linda Gibilisco as they move into retirement after 39 and 32 years of service to Catholic education and 22 at SJS.  While I am excited for this next chapter for Mrs. Getz and Mrs. Gibilisco, they do indeed leave big shoes to fill.  When one thinks of an SJS teacher, one thinks of a teacher who is committed to helping each student reach their full potential.  One who challenges and encourages and all is done with kindness, patience, and good humor.  Mrs. Getz and Mrs. Gibilisco are those traits personified.  Jesus told his disciples to go forth and change the world, to make  disciples.  Patti and Linda did just that.  They taught thousands of kids who then went out and changed the world.  Like a rock in water when the ripples spread out and go on seemingly forever, their dedication to Catholic education will go on for years and be felt by generations.  We wish them all the best in retirement.  If you have not had the chance to write them a note of congratulations, please feel free to do so and return to the office by Monday.

We also want to thank our Student Services para, Mrs. Mary Schneider will also be enjoying retirement after 21 years at SJS.  And Mrs. Stacy Stodden as she enters into retirement after 4 years at SJS and 19 in education.  We have appreciated all of their time and dedication to our students and wish them many blessings in retirement.

And we also wish the best to these staff members who are transitioning into other opportunities: Mrs. Sammie Becker, Mrs. Emma Teel, Mrs. Marlena Laney, Ms. Morgan Burke and Miss Allie Kellen.  It is exciting for these staff members, but can be sad for us who know of their selfless devotion.  We want to congratulate and thank them for their service to SJS.  There is great dedication in this group, and they will indeed be missed.  At the end of any career or school year the highest compliment that can be given is that one made a difference and that their role somehow made a community a better place and they will be remembered.  This compliment clearly can be given to these staff members.  They have impacted the lives of countless students and helped to shape the future of our school and Church.  They displayed great effort, faith and dedication.  We hope they will not be strangers at SJS, and will always be welcome at our school.  If any have impacted you directly please feel free to send a note of thanks and congratulations.

Congratulations on a successful Nest Fest fundraiser!  $25000 has been raised and this will allow us to pursue our much-needed gym floor.  Thanks to Mrs. Raye Nord for all of her tireless efforts to make the event a success.  SJS is a special place, and the generosity of our school community is one of the many blessings we enjoy.  Thank you for our continued support.  God bless SJS!


William Kelly