March 19th Email from Mr. Kelly

Dear SJS Catholic School Community,

I hope this challenging time is going well for you and your students. At SJS we all recognize this is not the ideal situation and is certainly difficult, but are working to make the best of it. I have been pleased with the efforts of our teachers to communicate with students and parents and keep the learning going. And, I have been impressed with our parents who have taken on the additional role of classroom teacher and all that entails. Thank you to you all.

You will see in the attached announcement that the Catholic Schools Office has decided to continue the school closure due to COVID-19. This difficult decision was made to help ease the transmission of this virus. The closure could last six to eight weeks, and every two weeks the CSO will re-evaluate the situation as they determine what is best for the schools and students. This is, of course, very disappointing, but understandable. We want to make sure we do our part to help the community and keep our school safe.

So, you will soon be hearing from our teaching staff as they will share their plans for continuing the learning process. You will be emailed by Monday. Please feel free to reach out to our teachers with any questions you may have. We don’t want anyone feeling confused, our teachers want to help, so feel free to ask. We will work to keep the learning going as much as possible.

Also attached to this email is a listing of suggestions to help with online learning that you may find useful.

If food is an issue for your family during this time feel free to reach out to the school office as there may be additional resources you can be directed toward.

There also is a listing of helpful resources on our school website, Just click the blue e-learning button.

And, here is a link for parents from our school counselor, Mrs. Laney, with some tips for parents and guardians as we work our way through this new situation.

Archbishop Lucas has asked all Catholics pray for the intercession of St Joseph for our community and Church. An additional prayer is also attached.

You will be able to access the 3rd quarter report cards online through Sycamore. Instructions will be in your email.

It’s difficult to know when our special events and sports will take place. But, we are working to make sure everything occurs. When we know the details we will let you know. We appreciate your patience and flexibility.

Thank you again for your support and hard work. Let’s all pray for good health for our families and friends, and also a quick resolution to this challenging situation. At SJS we pride ourselves on making the best of difficult situations. So we will get through this as we always do, with faith, conviction, and calm. God bless you and yours.

William Kelly