5 May Letter from Mr. Kelly

Friday of the Fourth Week of Easter

Dear SJS Catholic School Community,

May is an interesting time of year in a school.  We look back at what we have accomplished this year, and we continue to make plans for the future.  We have had a very successful school year once again.

  • Our Terra Nova scores were largely above the national averages.
  • Our STAR results showed great growth for our students with the vast majority of students at or above benchmark.
  • Nearly 40% of the 8th graders who took high school placement exams won a scholarship.
  • The new 65-inch interactive screens have been integrated successfully by our teachers.  We added Simple Solutions Math and English workbooks for grades 1-8.
  • We are now 1 to 1 chromebooks for grades 4-8.
  • And we continue to offer a variety of specials classes to help produce a well-rounded student.

Way to go, SJS teachers and staff.  And thank you to our parents for the continued support.  We have a variety of summertime projects that we plan to accomplish that will also be beneficial to the school.  We hope to start the re-carpeting process in several classrooms.  We want every classroom to be repainted.  The preschool drive is in the works for summer completion.  We are looking at adding Simple Solutions reading to our classroom offerings as well.  We also will tweak our school improvement plan.  So, the year has been a good one, and we plan to make next year even better.  Thanks for all you do.

It’s that time of year when staff will transition into new opportunities.  We wish the best to these staff members who are moving on from SJS: Mrs. Becky Walters, Mr. Bob Myer, Mrs. Jennifer List, Mrs. Anne Clark, Ms. Bri Pohlmann, and Coach Moose.  It is exciting for these staff members as they begin new chapters, but it can be sad for us who know of their dedication.  We want to congratulate and thank them for their service to SJS.  There is great commitment in this group, and they will be missed.  At the end of any job or school year the highest compliment that can be given is that one made a difference, and that their role somehow made a community a better place and they will be remembered.  This compliment clearly can be given to these staff members.  They have impacted the lives of many students and helped to shape the future of our school and Church.  They displayed great effort, faith and devotion.  We hope they will not be strangers at SJS, and will always be welcome at our school.  If any have impacted you directly please feel free to send a note of thanks and congratulations.

Congratulations on a successful Nest Fest fundraiser!  The fundraising has been successful, and this will allow us to continue with upgrades throughout the school.  Thanks to Mrs. Raye Nord, Mrs. Jennifer Grove, and Mrs. Jennifer Anderson for all of her tireless efforts to make the event a success.  SJS is a special place, and the generosity of our school community is one of the many blessings we enjoy.  Thank you for your continued support.  God bless SJS!


William Kelly