5 March Letter from Mr. Kelly

Friday of the Second Week of Lent

Dear SJS Catholic School Community,

Great job, SJS, with the start of our Nest Fest Read-a-Thon.  We have raised over $5000 already for our Home and School, and students are engaged in extra reading.  This is a new twist on our Nest Fest, COVID requires flexibility, and I am confident SJS will come through and support the school.  And the bonus of extra reading practice is outstanding.  Thanks to the Nest Fest Committee, Katie Vanis, Lauren Currier, Lisa Glandt, and Jen Anderson for all their work in putting this together.

We also are doing a great job of keeping our number of COVID quarantining kids low.  Let’s keep up the good efforts as it seems we are getting closer to the end with vaccines becoming more readily available.  If we can keep our numbers low we will be able to make some tweaks to some of our COVID protocols for the last quarter, doing all safely of course.  So, thank you for your vigilance and continued efforts to mask, sanitize, and socially distance.  Also, SJS has worked hard to stay open and safe this school year and we are asking for a prompt response with your registration materials.  If you have any questions, please contact the office.

As we enter the 4th quarter, here are a few reminders about our school uniform policy:

  • No sweatshirts other than SJS official navy sweatshirts.  Please write your name on the sweatshirts.
  • No “rolling” of skirts or skorts is permitted.  Skirts are to be appropriate in length.
  • Athletic shoes are to be worn on PE days.  No boots.
  • All uniform items are to be purchased from a uniform store, or the uniform section of a department store, to ensure proper fit.  No cargo pants.
  • No unnatural or artificial hair coloring is allowed.

One of the greatest gifts you can give your children is an understanding of the value of respect.  Too often in our culture today we hear stories of people who do not show respect for others.  Certainly, Jesus provides the most powerful model of respect for us.  We can recall countless stories from the Bible of Jesus demonstrating respect both for himself and all others.  The sinner, the leper, the poor—all were treated with complete respect by Jesus.  The best way to teach a student to respect is by modeling it.  Every word and action is observed by your child.  So, it is important that we objectively view our own behavior to ensure it provides the kind of example we wish to set.

A common concern of parents is keeping up with their children when it comes to the latest technology.  Often, it is the children teaching the parents what technology can do.  This may leave parents unsure of how to protect their children from some of the dangers associated with a high-tech world.  Here are a few tips from experts in making sure technology is safe and educational: Develop rules-have specific internet usage policies for home.  Talk to others-talk to other parents to see how they handle technology use.  Educate yourself-be alert to new technology and devices. Place your computer in a central location-this allows you to supervise the internet more easily.  Parents are key in helping their children remain safe and benefit from technology.


William Kelly