5 April Letter from Mr. Kelly

Wednesday of Holy Week

Dear SJS Catholic School Community,

The cereal “dominos” event was a success.  Thanks to all who donated and supported this fundraiser for the St. Vincent DePaul pantry.  And thanks to Mrs. Drews and Miss Pritza for organizing it.  It was fun to get the school together and watch the boxes fall, but it also gave us the opportunity to talk about Lenten almsgiving, and the Catholic obligation to help those in need.  The free will out of uniform day this week was another opportunity for these discussions.  And that is one of the best parts of SJS—we can put our faith into action.  We can help to create future leaders of our Church.  Thanks for all you do to support SJS.

So, the Church seasons give us opportunities to talk about the faith.  But, we know that much of this sort of thing is learned by watching.  Young people are always observing adults and seeing the example they put forth.  We know this well as teachers.  And, that can be a heavy burden to bear, but I think it’s worth remembering as you interact with others and illustrate to your kids how you feel others should be treated.

Nest Fest is off to a great start.  Thanks for your continued support.  The Home and School helps the school in a variety of ways and this fundraiser is an important piece of their planning.  Perhaps Easter break gives you a chance to visit with family and friends to see if they are interested in supporting Nest Fest as well.

The upcoming break gives you a chance to look at school uniforms as well.  Teachers (and administration) would rather not have to deal with uniform issues.  There are simply more productive and more enjoyable ways to spend our time.  But, the uniform helps to eliminate problems, and provides a sense of unity.  It’s just one of those things you sign on to when you enroll in a Catholic School.  So, over break, I suggest you take a look at hair, skirt and short length, and the overall appearance of the uniform.  Next year we will be adding a quarter zip sweatshirt option as well that I’m sure the students will enjoy.  Thanks for your continued support.

Easter break begins tomorrow, and school resumes again on the 12th.  God bless you and yours.  Easter blessings to all!

William Kelly