4 December Letter from Mr. Kelly

December 4, 2020

Friday of the First Week of Advent
Dear SJS Catholic School Community,

As we make our way towards the 2nd semester I want to thank you all for your help in keeping our COVID numbers down.  We actually have fewer kids quarantining now than we did prior to Thanksgiving.  So, way to go, SJS!  If we can keep those numbers down we can keep the kids in school.  And, please do not think of any of the talk of remote learning as any sort of a “threat.”  I think it’s important to be honest with our parents, and let you all know of the future possibilities.  An email was sent on Wednesday with important info and reminders, if you have not read it yet please do so.  Your good choices and vigilance are making a difference.  Thank you.  Let’s keep up the good work.
I hope you read the email we sent out earlier today regarding our recent Soar Dinner.  In a normal year that would be an amazing total.  But, in a pandemic year, it’s incredible!  And, what a testament to our SJS community.  So many of you came through and did what you could for the event, thank you so much.  The funds will be used to upgrade our air conditioning units, and add to our technology.  It also is vital in keeping tuition rates reasonable.  So thank you for all that you did for SOAR.  2020 has been a challenging year in so many ways, your support is definitely a bright spot.  And, you have set a great example for your student of the importance of supporting your school and community.
We have made our way into the Church season of Advent.  Advent is a time to prepare for Christmas when Christ’s first coming is recalled, and also a time to direct our mind and heart to await Christ’s second coming.  One of the great Catholic traditions is the Advent wreath.  It is made of various evergreens to symbolize continuous life.  The circle has no beginning or end to symbolize the everlasting life found in Christ.  And the four candles represent the four weeks.  The progressive lighting of the candles symbolizes the hope surrounding our Lord’s first coming and the anticipation of His second.  We have worked to make Advent a time of prayer and reflection at school, and encourage you to do the same at home.
William Kelly