4 November Letter from Mr. Kelly

Memorial of St. Charles Borromeo, Bishop

Dear SJS Catholic School Community,

Thank you for all your support for our upcoming SOAR Dinner.  We have not yet reached our raffle ticket sales goal for that extra day out of school.  But, we are getting closer!  If you need more tickets simply contact the school office.  If you plan to attend SOAR please purchase your ticket by next Thursday the 10th.  That will allow us to have the food ordered correctly.  Many come to SOAR to enjoy the delicious meal.  Some enjoy the silent auction.  But I think most attend our event because they understand the positive impact it has on the school.  The funds simply have a direct positive effect for the kids.  And if you are not able to make it to the event you can still bid online and purchase raffles.  I like to point out that an event like SOAR is a tremendous amount of work; there are countless details to coordinate with the dinner, auction, venue, website, etc.  I want to thank the SOAR volunteers and Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Doll, and Mrs. Franson for all their hard work.  The fruits of your labor will be seen on the 19th.  And a special thank you goes out to Mrs. Howard.  Her efforts have simply been tremendous.  Her resolve to make the event a success is obvious and her enthusiasm for the event is undeniable.  Mrs. Howard’s attention to detail and organization should be the envy of us all.  I’m confident the event will be both fun, and successful, and in large part this is due to Mrs. Howard.  We are indeed lucky to have her leading the SOAR event.

As we make our way into the winter season it is good to know that we will continue with our traditional approach to snow days.  So, if a snow day is called (snow days are called by the Archdiocese central office, not SJS) we will not have any remote learning lessons.  But, I  hope lessons will be learned on those days.  Lessons about: family traditions, how to make a large snowman, how to sled faster, how to make the best snowball, learning how to relax and be with family.  So, should the occasion arise, we will have a snow day, and I encourage you to make lasting memories with your family.

Our staff start the day quickly, once the bell rings the learning begins.  So, tardies can have a major impact upon the flow of the day for your student.  Please make sure you are doing your best to get your student to school on time.  Doors open at 7:40.  Thank you for all you do for our school.  God Bless SJS.

William Kelly