31 March Letter from Mr. Kelly

Friday of the Fifth Week of Lent

Thanks for your support of our Home and School fundraiser, Nest Fest.  A special thanks to Raye Nord and Jennifer Grove for their hard work in coordinating all the details.  We have explained to the students that Nest Fest is fun, and a chance to win prizes for themselves and their class, but also it’s good for the school.  There are several projects that Nest Fest hopes to get accomplished over the summer—new trees, new benches, new mural—and your support is indeed appreciated.  One thing we can always count on is the generosity of the SJS school community.  Thanks for all you do.

It is an exciting time for our school as the 8th grade students prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation, and our 2nd graders prepare for First Holy Communion.  There has been much preparation for the students as they get ready for this important step in the faith as we want them to be fully aware of the magnitude of the event.  This of course requires a great amount of work by the parents and teachers.  I have been pleased with the progress of the students and am grateful for the efforts of all involved.  Please continue to pray for our 2nd and 8th graders.

Just a reminder of two important upcoming dates.  We would like registration for next school year to be completed as of today.  If you have any questions about that process or need any help, just contact the office.  We also want families to submit their parent participation hours by May 15th.  No notice of payment due will be sent to those who fulfilled their hours.  Two parent families are to have 20 hours logged in for the year, single parent families are to have 10 hours of services logged in.  You submit your hours by sending a brief summary email to parentparticipation@sjsomaha.org .  And, any service to the church or school will count.  If you are in need of hours, pay close attention to the opportunities coming up in our Nest Fest fundraiser or the fish fry.

I hope your Lent has been a time of many blessings.  The teachers and I have enjoyed this Lenten season as a way to remind students of their Catholic obligations and history.  I read recently that Lent calls us to encounter Jesus, and in that encounter we have to face our own sinfulness.  We then also hear his invitation to embrace the Good News and make good choices.  That encounter with Jesus brings new hope and an invitation to repent.  God Bless SJS.

William Kelly