30 September Letter from Mr. Kelly

Memorial of St. Jerome, Priest and Doctor of the Church

Dear SJS Catholic School Community,

We have made great progress this first quarter as we work to build academic and spiritual skills.  We want the students to try and “be Jesus” for others and appreciate any support you can give as well.  We are looking forward to Parent/Teacher Conferences on the 27th.  A link to sign up online will be sent to you soon, and those signups are done on a first come first served basis.  This dialogue between home and school is vital for a smooth rest of the school year for the students.  After a visit with the teachers, it may be beneficial to re-examine goals and expectations for the rest of the school year.  Teachers will work hard to change behaviors or habits, but working together great progress can be made.

Adherence to school or classroom rules is a topic we discuss often at school.  For students to be successful it is vital that they know parents are behind the school and supportive.  So, if you have questions feel free to talk to the teachers, but adherence to the school rules will always be our expectation.  Sometimes a school rule may feel like a burden, I suppose that is just the nature of rules.  But, we know that following rules at school can improve relationships with teachers as you show that you understand the importance of rules and that you respect school authority.  Support for school rules also shows your student that you care about education, that school is important.  And adherence to rules also shows your student that you believe in an environment that has high expectations.  SJS is blessed with outstanding parents and students, and we appreciate your continued support.

You will hear a fair amount about the upcoming SOAR Dinner on Nov 19th.  This upcoming week we will send home invitations and raffle tickets.  This is the most important fundraiser for the school, and many of the recent school purchases are in part due to the success of SOAR.  So, many folks choose to get involved because they know the event helps the school.  But, another benefit of SOAR is that 100% of your donation goes directly to help the students.  That can be unclear with some charities, how much goes to help the students, but not with SOAR, every donation will impact and help the kids.  So, we appreciate all that you do and thank you in advance.

God Bless SJS.

William Kelly