3 March Letter from Mr. Kelly

Friday of the First Week of Lent

Dear SJS Catholic School Community,

We have been able to give several school tours to prospective families recently.  It’s always fun to show off all the great things going on at SJS.  And, the number one reason given for looking into SJS is the referral of a current parent.  Thank you to all who have spread the word.  I think SJS is an easy school to promote.  We have outstanding teachers and students.  Our parents are supportive of the school.  We have resources and opportunities other schools can’t match.  Our graduates do well in high school and beyond.  Parents can be involved in their school.  And our faith is strong.  Thanks for all you do for SJS, and please continue to spread the word.

Do not forget to get your school registration materials turned in please. Preschool and PreK in particular are filling up quickly. If you have any issues and would like to visit with me, feel free to call. We are in the process of planning for materials and staffing for next school year. Your registration is an important part—to be honest, the most important part –of that process. So we strongly encourage all registrations to be in as soon as possible.

This is the last week of the 3rd quarter, and this gives us the chance to think about the progress being made in Math. As you know, at SJS we also have an expectation that the addition and subtraction facts will be mastered by the end of 2nd grade, and multiplication and division mastered by the end of 4th grade. Mastery means the ability to recall the answer very quickly. If your student does not reach that expectation yet, we will continue to work with them, but your help will be needed, practice goes a long way.  Just a reminder, our teachers use the data from STAR testing, Terra Nova testing, our own SJS benchmark tests, and the curriculum, to make decisions that drive instruction.  Thank you, SJS teachers and staff.

I want to thank the 6th grade students who have endured the cold these winter months to be our school Safety Patrol.  Safety Patrol is an important job, and the students have taken it seriously.  No matter the temperature or the weather the Safety Patrol is out making sure the students are safe.  And, the Safety Patrol is coordinated and organized by Mrs. Clark, which is a big job, and her efforts are much appreciated.

As you make your summer plans there are a few pieces of information that you may find helpful.  Our first day of school for 2023-24 will be tentatively planned for August 16th (K-8).  School will be dismissed early the 16th and 17th.  Welcome Night will be the 14th and Curriculum Night is the 24th of August.

William Kelly