29 April Letter from Mr. Kelly

Memorial of St. Catherine of Siena

Dear SJS Catholic School Community

We celebrated Secretary’s Day on Wednesday of this week at SJS.  And that is an easy day for us to celebrate here.  Every day I feel lucky to work with our fine school secretaries Mrs. Franson and Mrs. Doll.  If you think back to just this year, I would be willing to bet that there are several instances when Mrs. Doll and Mrs. Franson helped you or your student to have a better day.  Their enthusiasm, organization, compassion, and kindness towards the students make our school a welcoming place.  There is much that they do on a daily basis that is vital for our school to run smoothly.  To list all their duties would be nearly impossible as it is so much.  Everyone in our school: teachers, parents, alumni, students, groups, and parishioners all have benefitted from the efforts and organization that Sue and Ruth put forth daily.  Our school simply is better and smoother due to their hard work.  We are lucky to have them at SJS.

We are excited about the progress of Nest Fest and thank you for your support.  The possibility of a new gym floor is becoming more likely with every donation given!  Thanks to Mrs. Raye Nord and our Home and School Committee for all of her hard work in coordination of the event.  Please keep an eye on your Sycamore calendar and the Virtual Backpack for all the details of upcoming events.

It can be difficult to keep students focused at the end of the year.  The warmer days with more sunlight, and summer planning, are certainly welcome, but can be a distraction.  We ask for your help in keeping your student’s focus on school and schoolwork for just a little longer.  Our teachers will teach until the end, will review and cover new information, so student effort and focus are vital.  We appreciate your parental help and support.  And, don’t forget the Math expectation- students are to have addition and subtraction mastered by the end of 2nd grade, and multiplication and division mastered by the end of 4th grade.

We would like to wrap up registration for next year with our current students.  It simply is easier for us over the summer if we have a clear idea about the number of students.  If you have not finished up on Sycamore please do so as soon as possible.  If you are in need of paperwork for a new student, or have any questions, please contact the school office.  Thanks to those of you who have registered.  And if you are purchasing uniform items for next year it is best to check the Dennis Uniform site so make sure your purchase fits our dress code.

Thanks for all you do.

William Kelly