28 January Virtual Backpack

CSW Kickoff  To celebrate Catholic Schools Week, come skate at Grover Ice, 6171 Grover Street, on Sunday, January 30th from 6-8 PM. Cost is $10/person which covers admission, skates, and helmet rental. Please contact Julia Heimes at heimes10@gmail.com or (402) 880-5347 with any questions. Thank you!

CSW calendar Check out and see all the happenings!

Sucker Sales
Catholic Schools Week is coming up next week, that means the sucker sale is starting up as well! The sale is sponsored by our SJS Student Government and proceeds go to support future fun ventures by the student govt.

Suckers will be sold for one dollar in the hallways before school. The limit for one day is two suckers. This is a sweet way to help SJS and make our CSW even more fun.

CSW Article
In honor of CSW here is a brief article from the NCEA about the benefits of  Catholic education.

Superstar Catholic School Contest Vote for SJS during the Spirit Radio Superstar Contest. The voting begins January 31st and closes on February 11th. Help our school win fun prizes and be featured on the radio. We would love to reach superstar status again! Spread the word to family and friends, all can participate. Please visit Spirit Radio’s website to vote on the 31st.

Valentine’s Day Box Contest
There will be three different groups.  The first group will be preschool – first grade, the next group will be second grade – fourth grade, and the last group will be fifth grade – sixth grade.  You will be judged on creativity, effort, and structure.  Each group winner will get a candy surprise.  

The contest will take place on February 14.  Boxes will be due on February 14.

SJS Roundup will be held Friday, February 18th for all new Preschool, PreKindergarten and Kindergarten students.  The event if primarily for new families and is not mandatory, but does provide the opportunity to learn more about what makes SJS special.  Thanks for helping spread the word.

Registration Current family/student registration will open soon.  Timely turnaround is appreciated.  Watch for more details to come.

iVolunteer  Still need to complete your volunteer hours?  There are many volunteer opportunities.  Check out iVolunteer to see what works best for you.

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Counselor’s Corner  Happy January SJS!  This is a good month to review cyber safety with our students as many of them received a new device and have access to the digital world.  Our students are natives to technology and are learning more every day.  We want them to use technology responsibly and avoid some of the dangers or natural mistakes they can make.  I would strongly encourage you to limit and monitor usage.   Please consider having all devices checked-in after a certain time so that there is not unlimited access.  Your student’s brain is still developing.  Who do you want forming their morality, personality and values?  Here are some helpful tips from Project Harmony:

Omaha, Neb. – Did your son or daughter receive a new technology device this holiday season?  For the first time they now have access to texting, downloading music, taking and receiving photos, instant messaging, social media apps, watching videos, etc.  In addition they have access to being bullied or engaging in bullying behavior, meeting strangers, and talking to people who are not necessarily who they say they are.  That’s a lot of access at the tip of our children’s fingers.  Not-to-mention that is a lot to manage as a parent. Project Harmony offers some general tips and guidance to help you make good decisions about what apps and rules your kids need in order to use the internet safely.

Make sure to have ongoing conversations with your children and set technology boundaries to help them have a safer digital experience.

General Tips & Guidance

  • Make sure your child’s school or other youth-serving organizations have and enforce communication policies that protect children. Teachers and other youth workers should not be communicating privately with children. Instead, they should use group texts, messages, or other communications that include parents.
  • Tell your children to never give out identifying information such as their name, address, neighborhood, phone number, school information, or extracurricular activities.
  • Tell your children to let you know immediately if someone asks for pictures or personal information.
  • Be aware of what apps your kids are using and know their capabilities. Is there a chat function? Are they chatting or playing with strangers? CommonSenseMedia.org is a great resource that provides reviews of commonly used apps and video games among youth.
  • Set reasonable time limits on computers and smartphones. Have rules around where devices are kept and can be used.
  • Use a parent or caregiver’s name and email when signing up for games or apps. This ensures you are the primary contact rather than your child.
  • Talk to your children about inappropriate questions and language. Use age-appropriate examples.
  • Smartphones and tablets have a location services feature that allows devices to broadcast their location to the user’s apps and contacts. Ensure this feature is turned off.
  • For older kids, talk to them about sexting and cyber-bullying. Explain the long-term consequences of sending sexual messages or pictures. Discuss the dangers and permanence of communication sent digitally, even if it claims to be private or self-destructing. Consider using a social media contract so expectations are clear.
  • Let your children know you respect their privacy, but will periodically monitor use, including emails, photos, messaging, and apps.

Like most conversations about safety, this is an ongoing one. Check-in often and remind your children that they can talk to you about anything and they can come to you if anyone makes them feel uncomfortable.

If your child is subjected to inappropriate content, cyberbullying, or even sextortion, make sure they know they are not at fault. We have learned that if a child thinks he/she will be punished for receiving inappropriate content or cyberbullying – they will not tell a trusted adult. Talk to your child, collect evidence (emails, texts, screenshots, etc.), and contact the police if physical threats are involved.

Dear Junior High Parents, I am so excited to be able to offer students this after school program which will begin next month.  As many of you know, mental health needs for this age group is at an all time high.  Social media platforms have introduced dangerous and unhealthy challenges to our teens.  We are seeing the need more than ever to have conversations to empower, prepare and protect our youth.  Covid has also led teens to feel isolated.  High schools and junior highs are reporting higher rates of suicide, bullycide and violence.  It is time to help our students build resilience in uncertain times.

This program supports positive choices, healthy coping and interacting with others through the use of theater techniques.  The actor educators have years of training.  A  licensed psychologist assists in some sessions and I will be there for every session.  If you are looking for something healthy for your teen to participate in, this may be the answer.  Bringing in these programs can only work if we have enough participants.  Please sign your junior high student today.  See flyer for details.
Marlena Laney

Home and School
Parent/Teacher Conferences
Home & School will be providing goodie bags, snacks and a meal for all teachers at Parent Teacher conferences. Best Bison will be catering the meal and all monetary donations will go to help cover that cost. We will need some items donated for the goodie bags, desserts and drink. Remember if you purchase items that equals 1 hour of parent volunteer hours. Please send items to school Attn: PT conference/Crystal Anderson. If you have any questions please contact Crystal  Anderson, crystal_anderson05@yahoo.com.  Check out Virtual Backpack https://stjamesseton.ivolunteer.com/event_248 to see how you can help.

Snacks (Due to school by Friday Feb 4th):  24 pk water 2, 10 count Lemonade mix ins 4, 75 ct. mini candy bars 3, 24 ct granola/protein bars 2, 24 mini bags  chips/pretzels/popcorn 2, 10 ct apple/oranges 3, 24 pk trail mix 2

Dinner (Due to school by Wednesday Feb 9th):  24 pc. dessert 3, 24 pk water 1, 24 pk diet coke, 12 pk Coke 1, 12 pk Diet Mt. Dew 1, 12pk Dr. Pepper, Monetary donations $5-$10 – 50

Home and School Openings
Home and School/PTO is starting to look for parents interested in filling positions that will be empty for the 2022-2023 school year. We hope to have these positions filled by our May meeting so those that are turning over the position can mentor the new person. The followings are needing to be filled:

Secretary- Duties of the Secretary include, but are not limited to:
1) Record and maintain minutes of all meetings of the HSA and Executive Committee.
2) Prepare and distribute monthly meeting minutes to the SJS principal and HSA President for approval
a. Once minutes are approved, distribute to all HSA meeting attendees.
3) Prepare and distribute detailed meeting minutes to Executive Committee members.
4) Retain all related documents for future reference.
5) Notify members of the association meetings.
6) Shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the President or by the Executive Committee.

Vice President- Duties of the Vice President include, but are not limited to:
1) Assist the President in overseeing the HSA.
2) Take the lead at meetings of the HSA in the absence of the President.
3) Serves as ex-officio member of all standing committees.
4) Shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the President or by the Executive Committee.

President- Duties of the President include, but are not limited to:
1) The President reports to the SJS Principal.
2) Oversee the entire HSA.
3) Appoint chairpersons of committees.
4) Maintain list of current Association members.
5) Supply written report to the SJS Total Board of Education monthly & as requested.
6) Oversee fund raising events.
7) Preside at meetings of this Association and the Executive Committee.
8) Serves as ex-officio member of standing committees.
9) Determine committee chairpersons and present to Executive Committee.
10) Prepare forms for start of year Home and School packet.
11) Prepare agendas for monthly HSA meetings.
12) Prepare a year end newsletter.
13) Act as Association representative to the SJS Total Board of Education.

If there a multiple people interested in the same position a vote will be taken at the March Home and School Meeting. If you are interested in any of the positions please contact Crystal at stjamessetonhomeandschool@gmail.com by March 1st.

Thanks! Crystal, HSA President

Covid 19 information
With the high rate of transmission with COVID, it is best to keep any student with symptoms at home.  We will notify you of a positive case in the room or contact group so you can closely monitor.  Masks are encouraged outside of school as well.  FYI- https://www.douglascountyhealth.com/109-covid-19/812-where-to-get-a-covid-19-vaccine

Fall Soccer Registration for the Spring 2022 soccer season is open through 1/31.  Please visit www.SJEAYSC.org to submit registration or obtain more information about the club.  Please send email to president@sjeaysc.org  with any questions.

SJS Athletics News
SPRING FLING 2022 on February 5th, at St. James Parish Center, will be in person this year. The event begins at 6pm. So break out your St. Patty’s Day gear a few months early and “LET THE SHENANIGANS BEGIN!” The evening will consist of an amazing meal, a live and silent auction, heads and tails game, Super Bowl squares, mystery box raffle, live DJ and dance, open bar, and tons of fun! Please register today to help us plan for supplies and meals needed!

Track registration is open and new gear is ready for order. Late fees will go into effect February 15th and registration will close February 22nd. Please read all the information on the registration link. We are in need of coaches for long/triple jump and high jump. No experience is needed! We are providing a coach training and information session on Feb. 22 by Roncalli coaches and players! Please reach out if you are willing to take on one of these stations for the track season.  Registration and Information link: https://www.sjsathletics.com/track/ Link to new SJS track apparel: https://www.evansapparel.com/store/st-james-seton-track-and-field/

To help our parent volunteers gain understanding and confidence when volunteering for the needed event stations, we are hosting a coach training with Roncalli track coaching staff on Feb. 22 at Roncalli Catholic High School at 6:30pm. Please reach out to Sammie Becker if you have any questions or are interested in attending, Sjsad17@gmail.com

SJ Knight of Columbus  Free throw contest is Sunday, January 30th.  Registration is at 1:00pm, contest starts at 1:30pm, and ends at 3:00pm.  See flyer for details.

It’s our spring Crafting Day, Sponsored by St. James Seton Home and School!!  Bring your scrapbooking, sewing, yarn project, or whatever craft you have and join us on…Saturday, March 5th.  All Day: 9am – 10pm;  Half Day: 9am – 3pm or 4pm – 10pm.  St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish Center, (5419 N. 114th St. 68164).  Complete form for registration.

Hillside Little League 2022 Registration is now open – www.hillsidelittleleague.org

Steubenville Youth Conference 2022
Springfield, MO
July 15-17, 2022

SJ/SEAS is inviting all current 8th-12th graders to join us in attending the Steubenville Youth Conference. This is an opportunity to deepen your faith and meet other catholic teenagers from around the midwest.

For more information about the conference, please visit steubystl.com

Registration and a $50 deposit are due by 2/1/22.  Total cost is $375. Remainder of the cost due 4/15/22.  Scholarships are available.

Faith. Family. Future.