28 April Letter from Mr. Kelly

Friday of the Third Week of Easter

Dear SJS Catholic School Community,

Last weekend was an exciting one at SJS.  We had First Holy Communion for our 2nd graders, and our 8th grade received their Confirmation.  The students were very respectful and clearly prepared for the events.  Everything went very smoothly, and it was exciting to see such progress in the faith.  To see the next generation of Church leaders advance in the faith is rewarding.  Thank you to all the parents and teachers who helped the students to become ready and take this important step in their faith journey.  I always enjoy attending these Sacraments as I am reminded when I took that step myself.  And, the Sacraments also serve as a reminder of God’s love and forgiveness for us all.

On Wednesday we celebrated an important day at SJS– Secretary’s Day!  Every day I feel fortunate to work with our fine school secretaries Mrs. Franson and Mrs. Doll.  I would say that every student and family have had a recent interaction with Mrs. Doll and Mrs. Franson that made their day better.  Their enthusiasm, friendliness, compassion, and kindness towards the students all make our school welcoming.  There is so much that they do on a daily basis that is vital for our school to run smoothly.  To list all their duties would be nearly impossible as it is so much.  Everyone in our school: teachers, parents, alumni, students, groups, and parishioners all have benefitted from the efforts that Mrs. Doll and Mrs. Franson put forth.  Our school simply is better and smoother due to their hard work.  Next time you see Ruth or Sue make sure you thank them for all they do.

Way to go with our Nest Fest fundraiser this year!  The funds will go to help a variety of projects that will directly benefit the students.  The mural in the courtyard and the new trees in the playground are visible examples of the difference that Nest Fest makes in the school.  Thanks to Raye Nord and the Nest Fest Committee for all their hard work in preparation.  The Home and School does much to support the school and students and this event is a fun way to lend your support.

As you visit with your student, it is good for you to be aware that we practiced an intruder drill today. Everything went smoothly and the students handled the situation very well. It is always good for the school to review important safety drills.

Reminder, no school on Monday for staff School of Faith event.  And, the last official day of school is May 18th with a 10:30 dismissal.


William Kelly