23 April Letter from Mr. Kelly

Friday of the Third Week of Easter

Dear SJS Catholic School Community,

We continue to make great progress at SJS as we move into the final month of school.  This has been a year full of challenges, but our progress has been outstanding.  Our plan for next school year is to return to normal as much as possible.  So, back to our usual rotations, procedures, and lunchroom.  If that is all deemed to be safe.  So, we made this year work, but everyone wants a return to our usual processes, and we will follow the advice of school and health experts as we look forward to a return to normal.

Our teachers are continuing to challenge students and present new info, and we appreciate your help in keeping effort and focus high.  Don’t forget to make sure your students get those math facts mastered, and we are hoping to have nearly 200 Eagle Readers at the end of the quarter.  And, you can always check grades on Sycamore 24/7.  Thanks for your continued support.

As I mentioned in previous newsletters all uniform items are to be purchased from a uniform store.  This will make our school look more unified and respectful.  Polo shirts and pants from many stores will not be fashioned according to the modest values we are trying to project.  A department store that has a uniform section is also appropriate.  Those items will be cut and styled according to uniform standards.  So if your favorite department store has a uniform section, purchasing uniform items from that section would be acceptable.  Both Digiorgio and Dennis Uniform give a percent of sales back to the school.

Nebraska is one of the few states that offers no assistance to families that send their student to a private school.  There is a bill working its way through the NE legislature that can help with that, LB 364.  Please take a look at the link in this VBP to make your voice heard and help the bill to advance.  Catholics working together can be a powerful force.

We are blessed to have the many dedicated teachers we have here at SJS.  Our teachers are committed to Catholic education and work many additional hours preparing to make the lessons meaningful to the students.  Every day I leave impressed with the efforts and energy of our teachers.  And, this year in particular has been a challenging one as teachers had to revamp so many aspects of their room and procedures.  The first week in May is a week set aside to thank the teachers as it is Teacher Appreciation Week.  A note or card of thanks can mean a great deal to a teacher.  A simple token of appreciation can go a long way.

Thanks for all you do.


William Kelly