20 November Letter from Mr. Kelly

Friday of the Thirty-third Week in Ordinary Time

Dear SJS Catholic School Community,

We are doing what we can to keep down the number of students who must quarantine due to COVID.  But, it largely depends on you, SJS parents.  We are counting on you.  For the time being, birthday parties, sleep overs, movie nights, get togethers, etc. should be postponed.  There simply is too much risk.  Let’s imagine this very real scenario, let’s say a group of 5 students decide to have a get together.  During this time, they are unmasked.  If one of them is determined to be positive, the rest of the group would have to quarantine.  And, if symptoms are displayed, then any sibling would also have to quarantine.  So, that one event could easily lead to 10 or more students having to miss school for 2 weeks.  And, if too many students are gone, we will have to go to remote learning.  Now, some schools are altering their calendars, worried about the decisions their parents will make over the holidays.  We have not adjusted ours, we are trusting you will make the decisions that keep our kids in school.  The typical Thanksgiving dinners, with members outside of your household simply are a huge risk.  So, please wear a mask.  Social distance.  And don’t get together with individuals outside of your household.  Your decisions can impact the entire SJS community.

With Thanksgiving approaching quickly we certainly have much to be thankful for here at SJS.  We are blessed with outstanding students.  We have dedicated teachers and staff who care deeply for the students.  We have supportive parents and parishioners who are interested in the success of SJS and Catholic education.  And, we have parish priests who are active and involved, and committed to our school.  Thank you for all that you do for SJS.  Catholic education is an expense and a sacrifice, and we are appreciative of your continued support.

Second semester is quickly approaching.  We need your help in spreading the word about our great school.  School growth is necessary and vital for our success.  We had an increase in the number of new students the past few years largely due to parent referrals.  If you have a bulletin board or electronic bulletin board at your workplace, and could place an advertisement for SJS, please contact the office.  Please also contact the office if you know of a family we should invite to check out SJS.

Thanks to everyone who has worked to make this year’s SOAR a success.  A special thank you to Ruth Franson and Crystal Anderson for going above and beyond with helping at SOAR this year.  Fundraising in a pandemic- not ideal.  But, with all your support we will surely have a great event.  You can continue to bid on items in the silent auction until Saturday night at 8:30.  There are so many fun items that will make for that perfect gift and your holiday shopping even easier.  Don’t forget, if you ordered a takeout meal, please practice social distancing and wear a mask.  This year’s SOAR will be great, and there is a special feeling that comes from knowing you were part of that success.  Thanks for all you do.



William Kelly