16 September Letter from Mr. Kelly

Memorial of Saints Cornelius, Pope, and Cyprian, Bishop, Martyrs

Dear SJS Catholic School Community,

One of the blessings we have at SJS is that our parents are very dedicated to the school.  Our parents simply care a great amount and want the school to be a success.  Thank you.  We also take great pride as a staff in moving forward and advancing the students academically and spiritually.  That is evidenced in our new Math and English workbooks, our leveled library additions, our new math program-Simple Solution, our new STEM lab, and the after-school clubs and groups.  But we can only get so far if students do not follow school rules.  The four universal school rules are: 1.To treat others as Jesus would.  2.To be an active listener and follow directions.  3.To be respectful to others and school property.  4.To keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. Research shows that if parents and schools work together great progress can be made.  If students sense that parents do not buy into school decisions there simply will be little progress.  So, thank you for your continued support and all you do for SJS.

Mark your calendars for Parent/Teacher Conferences on October 27th.  We require all parents to attend these first semester conferences.  Specials teachers will also be available.  Thanks for your participation.  Be on the lookout for an online sign up coming soon.  And we want to make liturgy an important part of the school week, so parents are always welcome to join us for Mass on Wednesday for grades 1-4 and Thursday for 5-8.  Thanks for all you do.

One of the regulations that SJS is required to follow is the Archdiocese Safe Environment policy.  Essentially, all adults who have contact with students are to be Safe Environment trained.  No matter how small that contact may seem.  We just have to make sure we are following the expectations given to us by the Archdiocese.  You can find a listing of Safe Environment trainings at https://archomaha.org/safe-environment/ .  Thank you for your support.

Terra Nova testing begins the week of the 26th.  Please make sure your students are present, rested, and ready to test in grades 3-8.  This is not anything we want the students to be worried about, but we do use the results for school planning.  It’s simply a tool for us.  So an accurate measure of the abilities of our students can only occur if students are present and ready to test.  Thank you for your help.

William Kelly