16 April Letter from Mr. Kelly

Dear SJS Catholic School Community,

This is an exciting week for our 2nd grade class as they ready themselves for the sacrament of First Holy Communion this weekend.  And, later this month our 8th graders will take part in the sacrament of Confirmation.  Archbishop Lucas will be here to preside over the ceremony and offer his words of wisdom.  I am pleased with the progress these classes made in their preparation for the sacrament.  Thank you to all the parents and teachers who have helped the students to become ready and take this important step in their faith journey.

I wanted to provide a bit of clarity about the technology policy here at SJS, and why we can discipline for postings or other inappropriate computer behavior that is not done here at school.  It essentially comes down to the idea that we are a Catholic school, and that Catholic behavior and expectations do not end at 3:15.  We expect good, Catholic behavior to be the norm, and when that is not the case and poor choices are made, discipline can occur to help create a learning opportunity.  We simply have high expectations for our students and expect information about SJS to be positive and correct.  Which makes parent supervision of phones and devices so very important.

We would like to wrap up registration for next school year.  It makes planning and purchasing easier for us over the summer if we have a clear idea about the number of students.  If you have not finished up on Sycamore please do so as soon as possible.  If you are in need of a form for a new student, or have any questions, please contact the school office.

Next week we celebrate Secretary’s Day on Wednesday.  Every day I feel fortunate to work with our fine school secretaries Mrs. Franson and Mrs. Doll.  Their enthusiasm, organization, compassion, and kindness towards the students all make our school a welcoming place.  There is much that they do on a daily basis that is vital for our school to run smoothly.  To list all their duties would be nearly impossible as it is so much.  Everyone in our school: teachers, parents, alumni, students, groups, and parishioners all have benefitted from the efforts and organization that Sue and Ruth put forth daily.  Our school simply is better and smoother due to their hard work.  Any recognition of that effort next Wednesday is appreciated.

Way to go with our Nest Fest fundraiser this year!  The pandemic makes everything more difficult and raising funds without an event or coming into school is certainly no exception.  A big thank you goes to the Nest Fest Committee of: Katie Vanis, Lauren Currier, Lisa Glandt, and Jen Anderson.  Thanks for all the hard work and determination to make SJS even better.  The community is thankful for the considerable time and effort.


William Kelly