15 January Letter from Mr. Kelly

Friday of the First Week in Ordinary Time

Dear SJS Catholic School Community,

We continue to make great progress at SJS.  Thank you for your ongoing support.  Our COVID numbers are remaining steady and manageable.  That is largely due to you, parents, and your careful approach to situations outside of school.  Our staff also continues to work to keep the kids safe.  Thank you for your continued vigilance.  Your efforts are clearly paying off.

Catholic Schools Week begins January 31st.  This is an opportunity to celebrate the excellent work at SJS and all Catholic schools.  A schedule will be sent home next week.  This year’s schedule will need to be tweaked and some of our favorites will not be able to occur due to COVID restrictions, but we are working to still make the week a fun one.  We have much to celebrate at SJS.  We have wonderful students and families, dedicated teachers, and a great school.

We are always interested in instruction time at SJS.  We want kids to be with their teachers.  I know many of you have been working hard to get your student to school, and I appreciate these efforts.  But if your child is truly sick, for their benefit and their classmates, they should not be at school.  Particularly this year.  So do your best to follow the attendance policy, but if your child needs to be home that is appropriate.   Here is a link with some of the common COVID symptoms-


In early February we will begin the registration process for next school year.  We need new families to join us every year.  I appreciate your support and a timely return of the registration materials. We open registration to current families first as a courtesy to you, and encourage you to take advantage of that opportunity. We want to add as many new families as possible so please spread the word about SJS. And, we are working on the preschool offerings for the upcoming year, more info to come.

You can mark your calendars for our Preschool and Kindergarten Roundup on February 19th.  This is a chance to learn more about what SJS has to offer our youngest of students.  This year the Roundup will only be for new to SJS families.

Thanks for all you do.


William Kelly