14 October Letter from Mr. Kelly

Thursday of the Twenty-eighth Week in Ordinary Time

Dear SJS Catholic School Community,

One quarter done!  Way to go, SJS!  It’s exciting to make such progress.  We look forward to Parent/Teacher Conferences on the 28th.  This dialogue between home and school is vital for a smooth rest of the school year for the students.  After a visit with the teachers, it may be beneficial to re-examine goals and expectations for the rest of the school year.  Teachers will work hard to change behaviors or habits, but working together great progress can be made.

Adherence to school or classroom rules is a topic we discuss regularly at school.  For students to be successful at school it is vital that they know parents are behind the school and supportive.  So, if you have questions feel free to talk to the teachers, but adherence to the school rules will always be our expectation.  Sometimes a school rule may seem like a burden.  But, we know that following rules at school can improve relationships with teachers as you show that you understand the importance of rules and that you respect school authority.  Support for school rules also shows your student that you care about education, that school is important.  And, adherence to rules also shows your student that you believe in an environment that has high expectations.  SJS is blessed with outstanding parents and students and we appreciate your continued support.

Thank you for your continued help during these COVID times. We know that monitoring for symptoms, keeping kids home to be careful, and masking can all be inconvenient.  But we appreciate all your work for the kids.  As you make plans for this longer weekend, and the upcoming Halloween, it would be wise to take steps to protect yourself and your kids.  Sleepovers and large parties may be best put on hold.  So, we encourage all those Covid precautions for yourself and your family even when you are outside of school.

Thanks for all you do.


William Kelly