12 November Letter from Mr. Kelly

Memorial of Saint Josaphat, Bishop and Martyr

Dear SJS Catholic School Community,

We want to thank Creighton University’s nursing department for coordinating our health screenings this week. Schools are required to have these health screenings yearly, and the partnership with Creighton also offers practice for their students. The health screenings are a tool that can help the staff and parents to know if there are any issues particularly with hearing or vision.

Pope Francis has called the COVID vaccine an “act of love.” And we encourage you to give that vaccine strong consideration.  Please make sure that you have read the new quarantining guidelines that were emailed yesterday. Essentially, for the students who are fully vaccinated the amount of time quarantine can be reduced. We are strongly encouraging you to consider vaccinations as a way to keep students in school and promote the common good.  We also continue to encourage mask use as an additional layer of protection for your student.

We are all excited for the upcoming SOAR Dinner on the 20th, and hope to see you there.  I am sure the event will be fun and a success.  And I think folks enjoy the feeling after it is all over that they added to the event, that their participation made a difference.  So, thanks to everyone who has made a contribution in some manner.  Every gesture and donation is indeed appreciated.  A special thanks to Ruth Franson, Julie Hartman, and Crystal Anderson for going above and beyond to make SOAR a success.  The online bidding site is now open!  If you are still able to volunteer to help, please check out the link- https://stjamesseton.ivolunteer.com/event_241

There have been some cold mornings recently.  Fall is here and winter is coming it seems.  And we want to take the students outside for recess as often as possible as the weather gets colder.  To do this the students need to come prepared for the cold weather.  Please make sure you send your student, no matter what grade level, to school with an appropriate coat and accessories like hats and gloves.  This will help the students stay safe and help recess to go more smoothly.  And, no need to drop students off prior to 7:40 as they will simply be waiting in the cold outside.

It’s always best to stay current with student grades.  The easiest way to do that is through Sycamore.  If you have not logged in recently, please do so, and be sure to make the Virtual Backpack a part of your weekly routine.  Thanks for all you do.

William Kelly