10 March Letter from Mr. Kelly

Friday of the Second Week of Lent

We have had some prospective parents walk through SJS recently.  And their comments are always interesting to me.  Generally, they are impressed with the calm and respectful atmosphere of the school.  They also appreciate the friendly nature of our students and staff.  And they are impressed with our academic rigor and results.  So these tours help remind me of the many blessings we have.  SJS is a special place, and we couldn’t do all this without our supportive parents.  Thank you for your support of our teachers and staff, and for the sacrifices you make for Catholic education.  We are always looking to add new students to our community, to create more disciples, so if you have a friend or neighbor who would be a good fit, please contact the office.

As the weather gets warmer and the days longer (time changes this weekend) it can be difficult for students to remain focused.  The teaching staff really wants and needs to cover as much new material as possible as we are an academically rigorous school.  Please help the students to keep their focus on school and their effort levels high.  Thank you for all you do for our school and students.  If Math facts are not yet mastered please spend some time in review.

We all want our students to be safe and put in the best possible position.  So, if you have allowed your students a cell phone or access to any social media, it is absolutely vital that you monitor its content.  Discipline can be administered if a situation occurs on the cell phone or online in which our Catholic values or rules are not adhered too.  So, your supervision is a must.  If kids know you are monitoring and will be looking at their phone, many problems can be eliminated.  There are also a variety of programs you can install that can help block sites and alert you to questionable material.  Here at school, every device has Go Guardian loaded on it.  This program is highly sensitive and sends the teacher and administration an alert should something questionable arise.

Just a reminder that we are looking to get all current families registered by the middle of March.  You will notice a red check mark on Sycamore if you are not fully done registering.  If you have a new student joining us, we will need actual paperwork to be filled in.  And, be on the lookout for information coming home regarding our Home and School fundraiser, Nest Fest.  Thanks for all you do.


William Kelly