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Virtual Backpack ~ 02-27-2017

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Scholarship Update:

Cecilia Hall also received a scholarship from Marian High School! 


SJS Alumni Honor Roll

Creighton Prep ~ (First Honor) Ryan Eastman, Joseph Kimminau, Evan Lounsberry, Maximillian Mandel, Sean Philbin, Blake Phillips, Daniel Perry, Jacob Philbin.

(Second Honors) Nicholas Gillogly, Eamon Morrison, Timothy Urbanski, Jonathan Gouger, Grant Matthies, Nicholas Smith, Nicholas Soltys, Matthew Pearson, Kaleb Stone, Matthew Urbanski, John Mausbach.


Duchesne ~ (Highest Honor) Maeva-Joan Atayi, Elizabeth Ann Burbridge, Katherine Maxwell, Anna Sambol, Molly Sambol.

(High Honors) Katelyn Coon, Emily Stratman, Hannah Troshynski, Sarah Troshynski.

(Honors) Jena Kurtenbach, Kylee Langenfeld, Maggie Smith.


Skutt Catholic ~ (Distinguished Honors) Cecilia Ferrer, Noah Wasserburger.

(Academic Honors) Sofia Ferrer, Melissa Wasserburger.



SJS is proud of you

Way to go!!!


Google is doing their annual contest, Doodle 4 Google, for students in grades K-12. Students are invited to create their own doodle for the chance to have it featured on the Google homepage. SJS’s very own Ava Spicka is the Nebraska representative. If chosen to win our school will win a $50,000 technology grant and Ava will receive a $30,000 scholarship. You can vote daily from now through March 6th @  Send to all your family and friends and ask them to help SJS win!


Here is Ava's design. 




~ Children’s Scholarship It's important to let you know of a fund that may help some of our families, Children's Scholarship of Omaha.  CSF believes that all families, regardless of income should be able to choose the best educational setting for their children. The mission of CSF is to provide partial-tuition scholarships so children from low-income families can access the private or parochial K-8 education of their choice.  If you think you may qualify for assistance from CSF please see the link below that outlines the details and eligibility of the program.

~Counselors Corner Grief and death are difficult topics to talk about though they are a part of life that everyone must encounter at one time or another.  When there is a death by suicide, the conversations are more complex then someone dying from natural causes.  Teens are especially susceptible to having very deep feelings and being dramatically impacted by losses.  For many reasons, parents often shy away from conversations about suicide.  We want to protect our children.  It might be too difficult to think that your child might do something to harm themselves.  It might not occur to us that our child has had these thoughts because they are generally healthy and have resources.  Perhaps we, as parents, find it too painful to think it is a possibility.   Sometimes we are not sure what to do when our child is upset and says something like “I hate my life, I wish I were dead”.  Children are often impulsive.  When they do not see a way out of a temporary problem, they may seek a permanent solution.  If you have seen or heard some indication of harm to self or others, please reach out to people who can support you.  A good place to start is your doctor or school counselor.   If you would like to do some research on your own, please check out these web sites:

Website with tips for parents:

~Home and School Story Time for students in grades Pre-school thru 3rd Grade will be held March 29th.  See flyer @


~SJS Dodgeball Registration is now open - St. James/Seton School’s 1st Annual Dodgeball Event being held on Saturday, March 18, 2017at Roncalli Catholic High School.  This event will be a fun event for SJS students in grades 5-8 designed to promote sportsmanship.  The Registration/waiver form is now online @

along with opportunities to volunteer @   Please contact Laura Schwarz, Sarah Pritza or Jody Mendick for more details. 


~SJS Vacation Bible Fun




More information to come soon!



Community News


~Launch Workshops will be hosting leadership workshops for student in grades 6-8.  See flyer  for details on getting signed up.


~ Marian Junior Golf Program:  Marian’s varsity golf coach is starting a new development program for 6th to 8th grade girls who may be interested in playing high school golf - at any school, not just Marian.  The program will meet on select Saturday afternoons, April-June, at Indian Creek Golf Course for sessions that will include training and drills in full swing, short game, and putting.  PGA golf professionals will assist with the instruction.  Please contact Coach Robert Davis for more information (

~Mercy High School invites 5th & 6th grade girls to our annual Lock-In on March 18th from 5-10 P.M.  For more information go to:  Space is limited, so sign up today! 

~Love and Life Program is hosting a couples retreat @ St. Bridget Catholic Church March 25-26.  See flyer for more details.

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