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Student Services

Mrs. Suzy Richardson

Started at SJS in 2015 and have taught since 1991
B.S. from Dana College in Elementary Education, minor Physical Education
M.S. from Doane University in Curriculum and Instruction; Elementary Education with emphasis in Early Childhood
Why Catholic Education?
I attended and taught in public education for many years and truly enjoyed my experiences with the children and their parents.  Then... I felt a "calling" - and that "calling" led me to this wonderful school!  I'm so thrilled to be working at St. James Seton School where dedicated staff and families are deeply rooted in their faith, community involvement for the betterment of everyone, and share love and passion for all children!!


Mrs. Mary Schneider

Why Catholic Education?

My husband and I both attended Catholic grade schools and high schools.  We made the decision early on that we wanted our 4 children to have the same opportunity.  We chose St. James/Seton when our oldest who is now 29 yrs old began 1st grade.  After many years of volunteering at SJS, I decided to re-enter the workforce and was hired as a Para Educator.  Seventeen years later, I can’t imagine working anyplace else.  We have been so blessed to be a part of the SJS family.

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