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Specials Teachers

Mrs. Teresa Bell  is beginning her 2nd year here at St. James/Seton School.  She has worked previously as the Tech Specialist but now will be working with all the students here at St. James/Seton as the Librarian and Tech Specialist.


Mrs. Jennifer Kennedy is beginning her 10th year here at St. James/Seton School. She has always taught Sixth Grade while at St. James/Seton until this fall where she is now our Technology Coordinator/Teacher.  Mrs. Deptula enjoys reading especially Sophie Kinsella and Jody Piccoult.


Mrs. Nora Kmiecik is starting her first year as Spanish teacher at SJS. She has taught in New York, Atlanta and most recently, Columbus, Nebraska. She enjoys playing with her two sons, who are three and one.


Mrs. Robin Lenz is beginning her 16th year here at St. James/Seton School as the P.E. Teacher.  She teaches P.E. to all our students here at St. James/Seton. Mrs. Lenz enjoys listening to music and taking walks.


Mrs. Becky Logue is beginning her 10th year as the Music Teacher here at St. James/Seton School.  She teaches Music to all our students as well as orchestrates progams for the students.  Mrs. Logue enjoys playing the piano and reading books especially John Grisham.


Mrs. Theresa Smith is beginning her 4th year here at St. James/Seton School. She comes to us as a part time Art Teacher.  Mrs. Smith enjoys classical music.



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