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Kindergarten Teachers

Mrs. Patti Getz

Started at SJS in 1999

B.S. in Early Childhood Educ.
Why Catholic Education?
I have chosen to teach in Catholic schools because of my Catholic upbringing and the many teachers who were great role models that impressed me throughout grade school and College.  I am so blessed with my strong faith and Catholic experiences that have made me a strong Catholic role model for my students. My favorite part of teaching at SJS is my visibility and my love for my Catholic faith at mass and teaching about Jesus in my classroom.


Mrs. Gayle Goetz

Started at SJ in 1986, has taught since 1980

BA from UNO
Why Catholic Education?
I was blessed to attend St. Bernard's School here in Omaha. My Catholic faith learned there and by the example of my parents and grandparents is what brought me to teach in a Catholic School. I was fortunate to have wonderful teachers in a Catholic School and my children were fortunate to have wonderful teachers here at SJS. I wanted to help make the Catholic School tradition available to others.

Kindergarten Para:

Mrs. Lisa Ciecior 

Started at SJS in 2017

Why Catholic Education?
My mom was a great role model for me in what it means to live out the Catholic faith. She began by teaching my siblings and I at a very young age the foundation of Catholic beliefs. It is because of the importance she and others placed on learning and living the Catholic faith, that I see the value and importance of Catholic education. I want to be able to help instill this value in future generations. 


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