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Mr. William Kelly 

Started at SJS in 2016

BA from UNO in Elementary Education
MA from Creighton University in School Administration
I'm a product of Catholic education and know the difference we can make.  We are shaping the future of our Church and community in Catholic schools.  We are combining Catholic values and high academic expectations.  We are changing the lives of students and parents. 


Mrs. Tiffany Howard

Started at SJS in 2007
B.A. from College of Saint Mary in Theology, minor Social Sciences
M.A. from Concordia University in Elementary School Administration
Why Catholic Education?
I was blessed to attend a Catholic grade school, high school, and college. My parents sacrificed a great deal to provide me with an education that was not only nurturing academically but also one that fostered my faith. I am a proud product of Catholic education, and that experience rooted in me a deep desire to serve. I strongly believe that our mission here at St. James/Seton is vital to the Church and the community. I am blessed to be a part of the fun and loving environment here at our school, which is supported by good people of deep faith.


Mrs. Ann Rains is beginning her 1st year as Business Manager at St. James/Seton. Previously she worked with families at St. Thomas More and Roncalli High School.


Ms. Jo Kusek is beginning her 14th year as the Director of Religious Education at St. James/Seton School.  She is active both with the Childrens' Faith Formation as well as Adult Faith Formation.  Ms. Kusek enjoys playing the piano, walking, collecting dolls and reading books especially James Martin S.J.

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