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Sixth Grade Teachers

Mrs. Julie Hartman (5/6 Religion, 601 Social Studies) Started at SJS in 1992, began my teacher career in 1977 B.A. from College of Saint Mary in Early Childhood Education, minor in Religion


Why Catholic Schools?

  I love working in an environment where the religious formation of children is continued throughout the day in every subject and every interaction. I also enjoy helping the students see how Christ is working in them every day and I can encourage them to see Christ in others.


Mr. Tim Potter (5/6 Math, 602 Social Studies)

Started at SJS in 1977

B.A. from UNO in Elementary Education
37 Graduate Hours
Why Catholic education?
I attended Catholic grade school and high school. Teaching in a Catholic school allows me to share my faith with my students. Parents are also very involved with their child's education in Catholic schools. I've been at SJS for over 40 years and I feel it was a great school when I started and it is still a great school.


Sixth Grade Para:

Mrs. Peggy Blandford

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