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Third Grade Teachers

Mrs. Molly Drews

Started at SJS in 1994
B.A. from University of Nebraska
Why Catholic Education?
My mother always said her job was to get her children to heaven.  So we went to a Catholic School.  I believe that at a Catholic School we are teaching the Catholic faith in every subject, at lunch, on the playground and walking down the hallway.  So I wanted my own children to have that atmosphere at school and I want to teach that way also.  I feel we do our best to teach the subjects and the Catholic faith.


Mrs. Nora Cunningham

I grew up attending Catholic grade school, High School and college. I feel like that experience helped me grow so much in my faith and I truly want the same for my students. I find it so rewarding to be able to pray, celebrate Catholic holidays and traditions and share in our faith together. It is such a blessing to be here!



First - Third Grade Para:

Mrs. Joyce Pfeifer

My name is Joyce Pfeifer and I am the Para for 2nd and 3rd grade. I have been employed at SJS since 2002. I attended a catholic grade school and high school and I have fond memories of both. I wanted my children to experience a catholic education as well and sent them both to St. James/Seton.



Mrs. Penny Silvey

Started at SJS in 2000


Why Catholic Education?

I attended St. James for grade school.  My children attended St. James/Seton School.  My husband and I firmly believe in Catholic Education and felt very blessed we could provide this strong foundation that will carry them through life.

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