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Second Grade Teachers

Mrs. Ariel Cunningham 

Started at SJS in 2014

B.A. from College of Saint Mary in 2014
Why Catholic Education? 
I have always known that I've wanted to teach at a Catholic school. I love getting to share my faith with my students and getting to see God through their eyes. I think that we can learn more about our faith by watching how children love and worship God!


Mrs. Melissa Sullivan

Started at SJS in 2018 and has taught since 2006
Bachelor of Science from University of Nebraska-Omaha in Elementary Education & Early Childhood Education; Master of Education from Concordia University in Reading; Specialist Certification from University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Elementary Mathematics
Why Catholic Education?
I was very fortunate to attend a Catholic grade school and high school here in Omaha. After teaching the past 12 years in a public school setting, I felt compelled to return to an environment in which I can openly share Catholic values and beliefs with my students. I am now blessed to be teaching at the same school my husband attended as a child! In fact, we both value the importance of a nurturing, quality Catholic education so much that our own children currently go to SJS. I look forward to helping my students deepen their faith in preparation for their First Reconciliation and First Communion!


First-Second Grade Para:

Mrs. Penny Silvey

Started at SJS in 2000


Why Catholic Education?

I attended St. James for grade school.  My children attended St. James/Seton School.  My husband and I firmly believe in Catholic Education and felt very blessed we could provide this strong foundation that will carry them through life.



Mrs. Joyce Pfeifer

My name is Joyce Pfeifer and I am the Para for 2nd and 3rd grade. I have been employed at SJS since 2002. I attended a catholic grade school and high school and I have fond memories of both. I wanted my children to experience a catholic education as well and sent them both to St. James/Seton.


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