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Second Grade Teachers

Mrs. Dianne Herbig is beginning her 24th year here at St. James/Seton School.  Prior to teaching Second Grade, she was one of our Kindergarten Teachers.  Mrs. Herbig enjoys a good cup of Hazelnut Iced-Coffee.



Miss Ariel Grinnell 

Started at SJS in 2014

B.A. from College of Saint Mary in 2014
Why Catholic Education? 
I have always known that I've wanted to teach at a Catholic school. I love getting to share my faith with my students and getting to see God through their eyes. I think that we can learn more about our faith by watching how children love and worship God!


First-Second Grade Para:

Mrs. Penny Silvey

Started at SJS in 2000


Why Catholic Education?

I attended St. James for grade school.  My children attended St. James/Seton School.  My husband and I firmly believe in Catholic Education and felt very blessed we could provide this strong foundation that will carry them through life.



Mrs. Joyce Pfeifer

My name is Joyce Pfeifer and I am the Para for 2nd and 3rd grade. I have been employed at SJS since 2002. I attended a catholic grade school and high school and I have fond memories of both. I wanted my children to experience a catholic education as well and sent them both to St. James/Seton.


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