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First Grade Teachers

Mrs. Samantha Becker

Started SJS in 2017, Have taught since 2014

B.A from Peru State College in Early and Elementary Education
Why Catholic Education?
Catholic education is like no other education out there. I was blessed with a mother who sacrificed to send me to both Catholic elementary and high school. I thank her so often for this opportunity. Catholic education gives students, parents, and teachers a sense of community and pride. I believe in St. James and its mission so much that I choose to send my own children here. I am so excited to become even more involved with the parents and students by being part of the St. James staff. 

Mrs. Linda Gibilisco

Started at SJS in 1999  Started teaching in 1988
BA from UNO
Why Catholic Education?
I chose to teach in a Catholic School because I am a product of both a Catholic elementary as well as high school education. I feel the Catholic schools offer one of the best educations possible and wanted to share my love of God to my students. How awesome is it to share the love of God every day to little ones? Can't beat it! Wouldn't want to teach anywhere else.

First-Third Grade Para:

Mrs. Penny Silvey

Started at SJS in 2000


Why Catholic Education?

I attended St. James for grade school.  My children attended St. James/Seton School.  My husband and I firmly believe in Catholic Education and felt very blessed we could provide this strong foundation that will carry them through life.




Mrs. Joyce Pfeifer

My name is Joyce Pfeifer and I am the Para for 2nd and 3rd grade. I have been employed at SJS since 2002.

Why Catholic Education?

I attended a catholic grade school and high school and I have fond memories of both. I wanted my children to experience a catholic education as well and sent them both to St. James/Seton.



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